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Val Gardena is ideally-suited for cross-country skiers: from the Vallunga Valley near to Selva Gardena to Monte Pana in S. Cristina and the Alpe di Siusi region, they all boast stunning and unique panoramic sceneries. Featuring more than 98 km of cross-country runs the valley features all your heart can wish for. The crystal-clear air, sparkling-white pastures and woods, the mighty Dolomites: a cross-country skier's paradise is waiting for you!


With a sleight across snowy white sceneries, this is what makes your holidays seem like a fairy tale. For a trip on horse-drawn carriages you might want to move to the village centre of Selva Gardena or to the summit station of the Alpe di Siusi cable car.

La slitta

Una vacanza si può trasformare in una romantica favola invernale: basta una gita sulla neve con la slitta trainata dai cavalli... Punti di partenza: il centro di Selva Gardena e la stazione a monte della cabinovia dell'Alpe di Siusi.

Jingel bells...

At the summit station of the Rasciesa chairlift in Ortisei there is a 6 km long carefully groomed toboggan run that brings you back to the valley again. But also the Alpe di Siusi region boasts numerous stunning toboggan runs.

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Pure nature

There are lots of people who simply love spending their summer in Val Gardena's mountain world, with its clean air, flowering pastures and colourful woods. And when in the evening a gentle red atmosphere enlightens the majestic Dolomites, you can't do than falling in love with them...

And those who know what summer in Val Gardena's mountain world is like, they will return every year again. 'Cause it hides numerous little pleasures and secrets. Maybe you should try to find them. In a warm and sunny spring week. Maybe for whole month long. Or even for a long long period of crystal-clear late autumn days.

Puez-Odle Nature Park

With an area of 10,200 hectares, the Puez-Odle Nature Park covers a largely rocky plateau (average altitude of 2,500 m) at the heart of the north-western Dolomites, known for their exceptional beauty and natural treasures. Rocky ridges, bizarre formations and interesting chalk deposits alternate with wide plateaus and woods.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking means enjoying life and nature and actually represents a completely new and scientifically proved way of moving your body. You walk with specifically designed poles, which give yourself more balance. This results in an efficient training of 90% of your muscles, it takes strain off of your whole body and burns up some 46% more energy than during plain jogging.


Mountaineering and climbing - a special experience! Balancing your strength and getting to know one's limits. Trying out new things and growing. The Dolomite are the right spot for it as they are known as a paradise for climbers and mountaineers alike on a worldwide level!

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